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We are a Community Wellness Studio located in Lompoc, California. Blooming Energy aims to connect the people of the community through art, food, health, and exercise. By supporting local entrepreneurs and working together, we can showcase all the wonderful things Lompoc has to offer.  

At Blooming Energy, we provide access to wellness through a selection of complementary classes, and educational workshops. 

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Our Studio also features a Gift and Provisions Shop connecting our students to local artisan vendors, farm-to-table essentials, and a collection of Blooming Energy original products.  

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Blooming Energy was founded in 2022 by Ryan Shepard and Julia Quintero, a loving married couple located within Lompoc’s beautiful Santa Rita Hills.

Blooming Energy aims to make a change in Lompoc by educating and connecting the community to nutrition, yoga, and food.

Over the past few years, they have dedicated their energy to volunteering and working with a variety of organizations, ranches, and farms throughout the Lompoc Valley. 

About Us

Ryan Shepard

Ryan Shepard, a chef, and farmer, started his culinary career in the mid-’90s, washing dishes and bussing tables. In 2003, Ryan set his goals to be an Executive Chef in San Francisco. After years of career advancements throughout Florida and California, Ryan achieved his long term goals but questioned the sustainability practices of the industry he knew and loved.

This encouraged Ryan to educate himself on how to sustainably grow the best ingredients to create delicious meals. 

In 2016, Ryan started farming organically in Lompoc, CA.

This reinvigorated his passion and led him to be the chef that we know today.

It continues to be Ryan’s passion to teach people how to cook with the seasons, source local ingredients,  and grow their own food.


Julia Quintero

Julia Quintero was born in Venezuela and practiced criminal law for seven years in her home country.

During her career, she became interested in environmental criminal law and this inspired her to move to Australia, to study Environmental Management.

After graduating, Julia briefly returned home to Venezuela but was compelled to relocate due to the political unrest in her country.

Julia ventured west and relocated to the United States where she began pursuing her passion for yoga.

After completing the Yoga Teacher Training in 2018, she set her intentions to teaching others about the importance of nurturing your body. Blooming Energy was created in 2020 with these ideals in mind.