Blooming Energy aims to make a change in our community through nutrition, yoga, and food. We partner and volunteer with a variety of organizations, ranches, and farms throughout the Lompoc Valley. We enjoy sharing our expertise and love of food by offering farm-to-table experiences throughout the valley.


Enjoy a private farm-forward dinner experience crafted by Chef Ryan, with fresh and seasonal ingredients that highlight the Lompoc Valley.

All dishes are created using humanely raised animals, locally sourced ingredients and can be curated to suit vegan and vegetarian dietary restrictions. Dinner options vary for intimate educational, or interactive dining experiences, 12 person maximum.


For more information on booking, please call:


We offer private in-home cooking lessons by request. Please contact us for more information and rates.

Past Events

Sunburst Sanctuary Location

Step into Sunburst Sanctuary’s captivating history during our golden-hour Farm-to-Table Dinner—an enchanting event set amidst 4,000 acres of rolling hills. Explore their vegetable garden and absorb the principles of sustainable farming, stroll the Hopi-inspired Labyrinth, and find serenity in their meditation temple. As the sun sets, savor a three-course feast by Chef Ryan Shepard, featuring locally sourced ingredients and paired with Kevita Kombucha mocktails.

Join us for a future dinner event, where the past comes alive, and each bite is a step towards a sustainable and flavorful tomorrow in the embrace of Sunburst Sanctuary’s timeless beauty.

Your seat at our table awaits, promising a magical evening in the heart of mindful living.